🚀 5 Tips on How to Rank Your Website on the First Page of Google in Ireland

So your a business in Ireland with a website. Great start! Now, the hard part. Getting your business found! So many businesses in Ireland think just by having a website they should start driving business over night. Unfortunately it’s not so easy.

Something I’v always been saying to clients is “It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive website, if it’s not been found it’s worthless!“.

I tend to also mention to people and clients.. Check out the way you yourself actually search online. For example, would you ever goto the second page of a Google search if you where looking for a product or service? My guess is not.

It’s said that 93% of Google searchers in Ireland never really click below the first five results! This stat alone should make you think!

Quick jump to..

  1. Tell Google what your Page is about with META Titles & META Descriptions
  2. Technical On-page stuff like Page Speed is important!
  3. Mobile Friendly Pages is a HUGE advantage and a must do.
  4. Content – Words, Images, Videos
  5. Link Building the proper way to do it

Google Ads vs Google Organic

Another thing to think about is Google Ads vs Google Organic in Ireland. How many times do you actually skip the ads that Google are displaying? My guess is probably a lot.

We humans are funny like that. We subconsciously think well if Google rank this company website #1, #2 or #3 they must be trustworthy. Really if you think about it, we all do it.

These 5 tips are for you if you want to have the best chance to rank your website in Googles organic search results in Ireland.

1. Tell Google what your Page is about with META Titles & META Descriptions

Probably one of the most important pieces of info from this entire article! Why? Because this is one of the best ways that Google determine what to rank your page for.

Basically if you want your website to rank for a specific keyword, lets say “Mechanic Dublin”. What you need to do is build a web page and within the META tags make sure your keyword “Mechanic Dublin” is mentioned in the title and the description.

Couple of META Title & Description Tips:

  1. Use Numbers: Numbers tend to catch the eye of a searcher and standout from lettering!
  2. Trust Building: Mention how many years in business, association membership and certifications to stand out from competition
  3. META Length: A meta title has a max character limit of 60 and the meta description 160. You can run META test here!
  4. Related Keywords: Use words close to and related to your focus keyword. Example “Mechanic Dublin vs Car Repair Dublin”
  5. Call To Action: Give a reason why someone should click your SERP. Examples “Request a Free Estimate, Call us on 1800, Get 10% Off”