National Driving School Dublin

National Driving School

National Driving School was founded over 25 years ago providing driving lessons Dublin and since then has built a huge reputation both from a referral base and also more recently online.

A 5 star rating is applied to National Driving School in everything they do. Its clear from their online profile that they are a leading force within the Driving Instruction industry and can be seen from the number of daily passes they acquire.

Local Driving Lessons in Dublin with National Driving School

If you need driving lessons in Dublin in your specific location we have some of the best driving instructors in the following locations:

EDT Driving Lessons Dublin

National Driving School deliver the Essential Driving Programme as per the Road Safety Authority’s exacting standards and within the designated timeframe.Lessons are completed and the EDT Driving Lessons logbook is uploaded immediately after the lesson.

Car Hire for Driving Test

National driving school provide some of the most modern cars to their pupils for their driving test day. New Ford Fiestas and Hyundai I 110 are easily manoeuvred and the preferred option by their pupils. Using a Driving School car is clever as it’s often the car they have been driving for their beginner lessons and are already familiar with.

Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

National driving school have 5 Automatic Driving Lessons cars to avail of if you have an automatic driving test coming up. They will teach you much quicker in an Automatic driving school car and sometimes have pupils ready for test in just 4 weeks with their intense automatic course.

The secret with National driving school is that they have an incredible knowledge of what is required on driving test day. They know the test routes, how the tester speaks, how the tester thinks and wants you to conduct yourself while out on a driving test.

They will give you a systematic approach to each junction, Break the test into sections, show you how to carry out the manoeuvres and actually demonstrate what exactly the Driving Test marking sheet is.