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Metrix Marketing
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Metrix Marketing, born out of the desire to help SME’s compete in the over crowded marketplace. Our team offer Marketing Management, Bid Management and Sales Operations services.

We manage your marketing and can assist your sales team to generate higher levels of revenue.

Here at Metrix we understand the value marketing can add to a company and our approach based on years of B2B and B2C commercial experience across Europe and North America allows us to bring you the latest techniques to maximise your revenue streams and open new ones.

This understanding of the Sales and Marketing landscape has helped us create the 5 stages process that we implement with customers to give them an added advantage over their competitors, thus increasing sales and improving reputation.

We offer customer acquisition and retention programmes along with the various other elements of a traditional marketing company including:

Increased Inbound Leads
Brand Awareness and Growth
Product Launch and Development
Sales Operations Optimisations – reducing cost and increasing customer base
Campaign Management
Website Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Exhibition and Event Management
Advertising – Online and Offline
Social Media Growth Strategy
Print and Graphic Design
Marketing Audits

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