Hellenistic Vedic Astrology

Hellenistic Vedic Astrology

Calodagh is a Vedic Astrologer. She is an Associate Research Scholar with the Astrologers Trust of India. Through Vedic astrology she prescribed gems and other spiritual remedies to more than 2,500 clients around the world.

Calodagh teaches Japa Meditation and Yoga in Wexford and Waterford. She is a qualified Sivananda Yoga teacher, and trained in Japa Meditation. She also travels regularly around Ireland and internationally to teach, guide and life-coach. She is a co-founder of Spiritual Earth, a company offering ethically sourced, life-enhancing, spiritual and feel-good products and accessories.

She also co-founded East-Meets-West Weddings, which offers weddings, spiritual ceremonies, blessings and tours in India to couples around the world.