Cranial Osteopath

Cranial Osteopath

Christopher Minhall BSc Registered Cranial and Structural Osteopath.

l am an Osteopath of over 10 years experience. I completed a 4 year honours degree in osteopathic medicine from the renowned European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone, England. I have since earned a 3 year post graduate diploma in paediatric osteopathy.

I moved to West Cork in 2009 and practice in Bantry and Clonakilty, West Cork. I have a wife and two young daughters.

My speciality would be babies and chidren, though I treat all ages. I enjoy chronic and complex cases and regularly achieve success where other medicine and therapies have failed. I am also very successful with emotional and stress based issues.

By working in an holistic and individual way, problems are adressed at the root, often providing better and longer lasting results. How this is done varies, I use a lot of cranial osteopathy, which is the gentlest form, one that works in a very deep, effctive and lasting way. I can also use adjustments when necessary.

I give longer treatment sessions than most and my aim is always to achieve long term stability and prevent reccurrance. Patients usually find additional health benefits to simply the symptoms they presented with.
Prices and treatment details

The initial treatment is €80 and a full case history will be taken. Further follow up treatments are €70. Treatments are approx 1hr long.

I am a fully registered Osteopath and am covered by most major insurance companies such as VHI, Laya, Bupa, Aviva and Glohealth and a percentage of your fee can be reclaimed. Self employed workers can also claim a percentage of medical expenses.

Payment by cash or cheque please.

Please call 086 886 1007 for appointments and enquiries.