Claims Assist Ireland – Insurance Loss Assessors

Claims Assist Ireland – Insurance Loss Assessors
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Claims Assist Ireland Property Loss Assessors ensure that the policyholder gets the maximum payout that they are entitled to from the insurance Company. We work on all property claims – fire damage,flood damage,chimney fires,oil spills,burst pipes,business interruption etc. Claims Assist Ireland have a nationwide network of expert insurance repair contractors,engineers,leak detectors,plumbers,electricians,roofers.

When an insurance claim is made, the first thing the insurance company does is to appoint a professional LOSS ADJUSTER to handle the claim and represent the insurers best interests by minimising claim costs and paying out as little as possible to the insured.

Because the insurance company considers it to be of critical importance to appoint their own specialist claim representative/Loss Adjuster to assess the damage and costs on their behalf, it is of vital importance for the person making the claim to appoint their own professional PUBLIC LOSS ASSESSOR to represent them and get the maximum pay out that they are entitled to.

Insurers are mostly large multinational companies and their sole purpose is profit. This is achieved by taking in large premium fees and minimizing or refusing claim pay outs to their policy holders.

In a stressful claim situation and under pressure from the insurers, it is easy to believe that a Loss Adjuster appointed by the Insurance Company is the key to achieving your best possible outcome. However, having a firm of Professional, Regulated and Experienced Loss Assessors like Claims Assist working on your behalf to ensure that you receive a maximum pay out is not so much an option but more an essential.

After all, would you consider going to court without a Solicitor?