Japanology Kerry Consulting Ltd

Japanology Kerry Consulting Ltd

What Will Your Next Translation Say About You?

Hello. We are Tom and Mitsuko of Japanology Kerry Consulting Ltd, a company delivering CERTIFIED native translation from English to Japanese and Japanese to English. We serve both business and individuals.

As we are native speakers, please feel free to contact us through 日本語 or English.

Because Quality Matters-
✔ Certified translation;
✔ 100% reliable native-speaker quality;
✔ Sworn Affidavit of Accurate Translation;
✔ Accepted by officials in Japan, the U.S. and U.K., Canada and Ireland.

Because Experience Matters-
Previous projects include:
Japanese Car Export Certificates;
Japanese Family Registers;
Press Releases;
App & Website Localization;
Text in Photos;
Subtitle Creation & Translation;
Manga Translation (onomatopoeia sounds included);
Business Document Translation (using Keigo formal Japanese).

Because Reliability Matters-
Trust your translation to the professionals in Japanese and English translation.


Thomas Nelan,
Mitsuko Miyake Nelan,
Japanology Kerry Consulting Ltd.

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