Professional & Advisory

Miss Moneypenny 
1890 987 948
Miss MoneyPenny provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients. The services provided by us helps in cutting the overheads and growing the profits for the customers.
Claims Assist Ireland – Insurance Loss Assessors
1890 929 555
Claims Assist Ireland Property Loss Assessors ensure that the policyholder gets the maximum payout that they are entitled to from the insurance Company. We work on all property claims – fire damage,flood damage,chimney fires,oil spills,burst pipes,business interruption etc.
ThreeSquare Accounting
(01) 604 0011
You pour your heart, soul, resources and time into your business. You work hard, sacrifice, and strive to succeed in a competitive marketplace. And because of your dedication, you need an accounting partner that you can trust and who is equally as dedicated to your success.